Review: Lemonheads

Title: Lemonheads
MPAA Rating: NA
Director: Ryder Doupé, Dawson Doupé, Todd Tapper
Starring: George Jonson, Samuel Wyatt, Jeffery Dean
Runtime: 1 hr 31 min

What It Is: A story of dependency and addiction, Leo (Jonson) and Louis (Wyatt) embark on a journey that blurs the lines of morality and shows how addiction can dehumanize us. Ethics and family are put to the test when drug dependency interferes and takes control of their lives.

What We Think: Leo and Louis are a complicated duo from the start. Their close relationship and Louis’s innocence are endearing, and their drug dependency acts as an antagonist towards their goals. Their neon-lit odyssey through the network of local drug dealers begins to raise questions of their character, and the audience’s perception of their quest to get high begins to shift.

 Our Grade: B-, Playing characters with such intense and diverse emotional outputs is a tall task in any situation, and these characters are approached with vigor and passion. Any qualms with these performances are not a result of lack of effort, as it is evident that Jonson and Wyatt were both convincing in their roles. The violent ending is an enthralling, edge-of-your-seat sequence, but the violence towards some characters seems unearned and random, just violence for the sake of violence. This movie does not offer a unique or original perspective on drug use, but although the themes are recycled they are still moving and well-delivered.

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Author: Brant Profitt