Review: Crazy World (CUFF 2020)

Title: Crazy World
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Nabwana I.G.G
Starring: Isaac Newton Kizito, Kirabo Beatrice, Nattembo Racheal Monica
Runtime: 1 hr 22 mins

What It Is: From Wakaliwood, the studio that brought you Who Killed Captain Alex, Crazy World brings you a fast-paced action comedy. The Tiger Mafia strikes a village in Uganda with a strange and evil force as the Big Boss kidnaps a tough martial-arts-fighting pack of kids. Their parents, desperate to rescue them in the midst of a military state and the mafia run amuck, plan a sneak-attack mission in which they (as well as the kids) kick the bad guys’ asses.

What We Think: It’s been a minute since I’ve seen something so wholesome. I’m not exaggerating, I don’t think it’s even really hype: it’s only the truth. Then again I’m also coming forward as a fan of the first internationally released installation Who Killed Captain Alex. I love everything about these movies inside and out–the joy that comes from making these movies is absolutely contagious. From the filmmakers showing you how the movie was made in their home, to the kids and extras of the practicing punches and high-kicks, to the relentless and speedy action that you are lent, almost to the point of whiplash (but in a fun, rollercoaster kind of fashion). You can’t watch this and NOT have a great time watching such entertaining line delivery and stuntwork. I love VJ (Video Joker) Emmy’s jokes that help the passionate spirit of the film feel that much more involved and self-aware and wacky, I love how involved the cast is while at the same time having the freedom to be epic and silly if they need.

Our Grade: A+, If you aren’t familiar with this type of film, it might be a bit of an adjustment for you, I dunno. But once you start watching you can’t stop. What is a whole feature feels so much shorter; so much hilarity and choreography happens all at once that it leaves you wanting even more. It’s so uplifting to watch something that came from the excitement of some resourceful filmmakers and feel so good about it. In these times of misfortune does this movie feel like a godsend, something that brings me absolute joy in watching the humor and creativity. It’s a flat out fun movie and shamelessly one of my favorites of the entire year (even though it technically came out in 2014).

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Author: Chai Simone