Review: Shoot to Marry (Slamdance 2020)

Title: Shoot to Marry
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Steve Markle
Starring: Steve Markle, Kate Kelton, Heidi Lee
Runtime: 1 hr 14 mins

What It Is: Steve (Markle) is on the verge of purposing to his girlfriend. When she says yes this changes his life! All he’s ever wanted was a marriage like his parents. 56 years. Then it all came tumbling down for him. His fiancee reneged on the proposal. Now, utterly crushed Steve is back in the single life and looking for love. This film documents the women he meets as he seeking to find the future Mrs. Markle. Stay tuned to see how this goes.

What We Think: There are moments here when it all seems a bit too fake. Like Markle has written a set-piece and we’re watching it unfold. Other times there’s a genuine sense of authenticity amongst the weirdness and chaos. As he journeys through the dating scene it’s clear he’s a unique individual. One that is probably going to struggle due to his…awkwardness. Nonetheless, Markle storms on through life. Even by the rather unexpected end to this one you don’t really know whether what you’re watching is real or complete bull. Either way, the result isn’t that great.

Our Grade: C-, An interesting look into a strange man looking and hoping to find love. Whether he finds it you’ll have to watch to see. Whether you want to stick around will be completely up to you and how you’re feeling throughout. Honestly, Slamdance didn’t really get the job done in the same way its sister fest did in regards to documentaries. Neither this or Big Fur hit. Meanwhile, you can check out our Sundance coverage HERE. So maybe just those out instead? I don’t know. This is just a weird mockumentary-style thing that has occurred.

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