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June 6, 2014 /
With the release this week of the new Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow we’ll take a retrospective look at what I consider the top ten films of one of Hollywood’s longest reigning leading men…Tom Cruise. There’s a lot to choose from when dealing with a guy with a huge filmography such as his. Dramas, comedies, and  most importantly action flicks. Before anyone asks we’re not counting cameos or bit parts (sorry Tropic Thunder). So without any more small talk let’s get to it!
June 4, 2014 /
June 1, 2014 /


Maleficent opened this Friday, and with us getting some insight into one of Disney’s baddest baddies I thought I’d be a great idea to decide just who is the baddest of them all. We’ll go over their biggest faux pas as well as tell you a bit about them. I’m sure they’ll enjoy hearing about themselves! Once again this is only for animated films (hand-drawn or otherwise) and only from Disney Animation Studios (Sorry Pixar, and Touchstone!) Let’s get to it!

May 24, 2014 /


With X-Men Days of Future Past opening today and having already seen it I can tell you the X-Men I’d like to see in Fox’s future installments. We’ve disqualified any X-Men who’ve appeared in any manner on the big screen. So even though it stunk Gambit, and Deadpool will both NOT be on this list (plus does Deadpool REALLY count as an X-Men…nah). Now if the character had only a cameo, that leaves them opened to the list but hurts their position. With that we’ll also tell you who I’d like to see play each role if they were to hit the big time.

May 23, 2014 /
May 22, 2014 /
May 22, 2014 /
May 22, 2014 /
May 16, 2014 /
This TBT we are showing off an article we’re really proud of. The Good, the bad, and  the ugly of Will Farrell!

Will Farrell is a man of many faces, he’s been a NASCAR Driver (Talladega Nights), Santa’s not-so-little helper (Elf) as well as forever changing pop culture with his roles as an Anchorman, and a 40 year old manboy. He’s put together some of cinema’s best performances such as his Golden Globe turn in Stranger Than Fiction, as well as some of cinema’s worst, such as his turn as Darrin in the terrible movie adaptation of the 60’s sitcom Bewitched. Here were going to talk up three performances that we think sum up the good, the bad, and the ugly of Farrell’s career.

May 15, 2014 /

You know them, you love them, and they stay with you the whole day. It’s the top ten Disney Songs! We’ve taken a variety of online lists along with the lists of our FilmSnob community (thanks to everyone who emailed or wrote in your list!) to compile this spectacular set of great music. We took each list and assigned a point total to each one (the first place song got ten points, and the tenth place song got one point etc.). We’ve also discounted Pixar films, as well as The Nightmare Before Christmas as that was originally a Touchstone film, and not Disney.

Without further ado let’s get those earworms, you’ll thank us later!