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May 7, 2014 /
Are you ever in the middle of watching a movie and then out of nowhere a beautiful, wonderful spontaneous dance scene happens. Yeah, it’s a great feeling a cool song starts playing and suddenly the characters on screen begin dancing. Only thing is you didn’t see THAT coming.
We’ve decided to take the crème de la crème of these according to our criteria. What is that criteria you ask? Well as the title suggets we’re exclude films such as musicals and dance films because you know the moves are totally coming (Sorry You Got Served). We’ve also excluded post credit scenes meaning the greatest that ended both This is the End and The 40 Year Old Virgin are sadly disqualified.
So without further ado as Kevin Bacon once famously said “Let’s Dance!”
May 5, 2014 /
May 4, 2014 /
May 2, 2014 /
April 30, 2014 /
April 29, 2014 /
April 25, 2014 /
April 15, 2014 /
Comic books. They have for the better part of the century been the fodder for films.  But what are the best of these? With the release of The Amazing Spiderman 2 on May 2nd, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier making trucks full of money we’ve decided to countdown our top ten comic book films! But what oh what were our rules. Well first the movie had to be based on a comic book, graphic novel, or manga. Now this does include things like A History of  Violence, and V For Vendetta. We didn’t just cater to the superheroes on this one! Secondly we’re disqualifying 2014 releases. So even though Cap 2 is a fantastic film worth  your money it won’t be on here. And lastly each list we received had ten films on it, each film was given a point total corresponding with there position (movie ten got one point, movie one got ten points etc.). So without further ado it’s clobberin’ time!
April 10, 2014 /
April 9, 2014 /

With the opening of his new film Draft Day (Review HERE) opening Friday The Snobs here decided to take a look back at  Costner and his resume. It’s one brimming with sports films (including Draft Day, which we’ve excluded because you guys haven’t seen it yet.), and period pieces. Whether he’s building it so they will come, or raising the man of steel Costner always brings that smug charm that’s always served him well. Without further ado let’s get to it with number ten…