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With his debut 5 (six if you count the album only track Sickly Spring) song EP Keep You Company Tucson,  Arizona based singer-songwriter Clay Dudash bring forth a refreshing, and hope-fillled misanthrope about his songs. From the opening riff of Shore for Cranes with it’s self-reflective pondering, and celebratory phrasing Dudash is looking at his friends through reality tinted glasses. Whether they be harsh or not 

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The trailer for the new film starring “Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe has hit the web. In “Horns” Radcliffe plays Ig, the number one suspect in the rape and murder of his girlfriend. “Horns” is directed by horror director Alexandre Aja (Maniac, High Tension) and it opens on Halloween. Here’s a look at “Horns”…

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