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May 24, 2014 /


With X-Men Days of Future Past opening today and having already seen it I can tell you the X-Men I’d like to see in Fox’s future installments. We’ve disqualified any X-Men who’ve appeared in any manner on the big screen. So even though it stunk Gambit, and Deadpool will both NOT be on this list (plus does Deadpool REALLY count as an X-Men…nah). Now if the character had only a cameo, that leaves them opened to the list but hurts their position. With that we’ll also tell you who I’d like to see play each role if they were to hit the big time.

March 14, 2014 /

Video games, once considered a mere toy for children, and definitely marketed to young boys. As time passed, most people thought these were things used by the “geeks” and “nerds” of yesteryear. Well as it turns out today, it is almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t play a video game in one way or another. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) in their 2013 Sales, Demographic and Data Usage poll they took part in, over 58% of Americans are currently playing some type of video game. That is a pretty big step forward when just a few decades’ ago gamers were the minority. Today the average age of a gamer is 30 and 45% of gamers are female. In 2012, the gaming community spent over 20.77 billion dollars between content, hardware, and accessories. There is no denying that video games are an ever-growing industry with a vast community behind it in support, and with the Next-Gen age upon us with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the WiiU I believe we will see some amazing things in the near future.

Now this article is not met to educate you on the history of gaming but rather help you see the possibilities of what gaming has to offer us as moviegoers. Now as gamers, we play because something about the game interests and excites us. Whether its classics like Tetris and Centipede or big epics like Final Fantasy and Warcraft, clearly an audience would watch film adaptations of these great games. Now I know you are thinking, “Well there are already video game movies.” , and you’re right, we have seen successes like the Tomb Raider franchise and Prince of Persia and the not so successful films such as Doom and who can forget Mario and Luigi. What I am going to list is my top picks for what should be next and what I think could be great successes.
Fact of the matter is something like Skyrim or Final Fantasy clocks in at over 100 hours long. There’s no way to fit in all the substance of those games, plus add in the fan service to keep the wolves at bay. I believe to make the pictures you need to inhabit the same world as the game, touch on things important to the viewer while creating something resembling the source material. Now with that being said let’s get started…

February 12, 2014 /

By: Craig Perales

As movie goers can see these days we live in a time that is being dominated by the comic book stories. Not only are these movies being made with 4-7+ titles a year, they’re actually huge blockbuster successes, for the most part anyways.

With that being said few can argue that Marvel is the top dog right now, with huge titles like Iron Man and Avengers dominating the box office, as well as other Marvel names like Spider-Man and the X-Men showing no sign of slowing down. For those who don’t know Spider-Man and X-men are Marvel creations, they’re not being made by Marvel Studios directly. Spider-Man is currently a Sony Picture property while the X-men and Fantastic Four belong to 20th Century Fox.

February 10, 2014 /
Title: The Virgin Suicides
Year: 1999
Whose In It?: Kirsten Dunst, James Woods, Kathleen Turner
What The Heck Is It?: Sofia Coppola’s debut venture into directing sees her take the helm of a dark satire featuring the Lisbon family. The family matriarch (Turner) is a woman of extraordinary faith, and the head of the house (Woods) is a teacher. All seems normal for the Lisbon’s and their five daughters. That is until the youngest Cecilia attempts to kill herself. It is this moment that sets the remainder of the film in motion.
February 3, 2014 /
February 2, 2014 /
Not sure what to watch tonight? Doing more browsing then actual watching let’s stop you there! Here are five films you can watch right now on Netflix, if you don’t have Netflix you should get it. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun do you? Lets get to it our Netlflix Pix!
January 28, 2014 /

Sometimes we watch a great film and we want to share it with all our friends, well friends I have fifty for you here! Fifty films you may not have seen yet, but you should. They run the gambit of decades, genres, and narratives! These are the films after which you’ll feel cool talking to your friends about, wanting them to share in this joke, or secret however you view the film. In some cases the film was just too obscure, or understated. Others just failed for some reason or another either way, they’re on our list! So enjoy!

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August 31, 2011 /

Film Snob Reviews is run by two people. William, and of course Phoenix. We can both have the same taste in films, but then again, we both have found our differing opinions and have accepted each others’ “guilty pleasure films.” This will be our chance to give you a suggestion. Need a movie to rent this weekend? A movie night with some friends? A comfort movie after a breakup because that heart of yours is broken? No matter what the reason may be, these are all films that come from OUR suggestion boxes. Whether you watch them or not is up to you. Whether you like them or not, is something we won’t generally criticize, to each his own.

These are our Snob Suggestions…

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