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With the release this week of the new Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow we’ll take a retrospective look at what I consider the top ten films of one of Hollywood’s longest reigning leading men…Tom Cruise. There’s a lot to choose from when dealing with a guy with a huge filmography such as his. Dramas, comedies, and  most importantly action flicks. Before anyone asks we’re not counting cameos or bit parts (sorry Tropic Thunder). So without any more small talk let’s get to it!
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Maleficent opened this Friday, and with us getting some insight into one of Disney’s baddest baddies I thought I’d be a great idea to decide just who is the baddest of them all. We’ll go over their biggest faux pas as well as tell you a bit about them. I’m sure they’ll enjoy hearing about themselves! Once again this is only for animated films (hand-drawn or otherwise) and only from Disney Animation Studios (Sorry Pixar, and Touchstone!) Let’s get to it!