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We got the luxury of speaking to the incredible Aphra Williams. In the 15 minutes we got with her we discussed working with super talented people (or super hot in Michael Fassbender’s case). Her favorite films and the differences between working short films and taking on any part in a film of this magnitude. I apologize for the audio issues in the middle. Phones are gonna phone I suppose. Without further ado Aphra Williams ladies and gents! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and everywhere else @FilmSnobReviews or lookup our name on Facebook and let me know whatcha thought of this interview! Ciao!

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We are looking so forward to once again covering the wonderful Fantasia Fest. But what films have caught our attention? Some are films we missed earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival some are films we’ve never heard of before doing our research. With that said myself, and the extremely talented Chai and Melissa will be covering the festival. But what films are we looking forward to? Here’s a couple of our choices:

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