SDIFF Shorts: Canelones

Title: Canelones
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Nicolás Mayer
Starring: Juan Pablo Cestaro, Julián Cnochaert, Susú Pecoraro

What It Is: 80’s. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hernan and Chiri are two Argentinian teenagers and best friends who are fooling around making prank calls. Then, one of those calls leads them to a inner journey that will construct a bridge between childhood innocence and adulthood.

What We Think: Outstanding. Starting out whimsical, but gradually descending into a tension-filled conversation, Canelones is a bittersweet tale of maturity that isn’t afraid of going too far. The direction/cinematography is very well done, with tight closeups and gorgeous shadows cast over our characters faces during their tense final call. Performance-wise, the whole cast (on and off camera) does an amazing job of accompanying that shift as well – a very ambiguous impression is left upon us when the credits pop up, but with thought-provoking questions that make you want to visit the story again.

Our Grade: A; Nicolás Mayer and co. produce a compelling short story that is an absolute must-see. Check it out whenever you can!