Review: Who Are You People

Title: Who Are You People
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Ben Epstein
Starring: Ema Horvath, Devon Sawa, Alyssa Milano
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: Alex (Horvath) is a 16-year-old girl. She’s a bit of an enigma. Outside of her best friends, she doesn’t have too many. Potential love interest? Also looking slim. So when she attempts to seduce her English teacher and that goes…well terribly. She decides she has to run away from home. But where will she go? When she finds a letter from her biological father to her mother she thinks that’s the ticket. Getting to know her father. But when she meets her dad Karl (Sawa) things don’t really go as planned.

What We Think: This film is perfectly okay. Devon Sawa is doing good work I think Ema Horvath is working against a character that’s somewhat rather unlikable. Ben Epstein is invisible behind the lens. There’s no real sense that the director really had a huge hand in the way the film looks nor how it feels. In fact there’s no distinctness to the film. It’s just an independent film made by someone. Insert name here. Even the emotional highs don’t hit as well as they should.

Our Grade: C, The film is sufficient. I wouldn’t say it breaks any new ground or anything and frankly the films pacing on top of it all is very glacial. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad movie in fact I think the performances, especially Sawa and Horvath are great and as mentioned earlier they sort of saved the day on the whole. If the premise seems interesting to you then by all means check out the film. This is one of those films I’m not going to recommend for everyone but some audiences will dig it.