Review: Linoleum

Title: Linoleum
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Colin West
Starring: Jim Gaffigan, Rhea Seehorn, Katelyn Nacon
Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins

What It Is: Cameron (Gaffigan) is a failed children’s television host…and a scientist. He’s trying to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut and he’s doing so by building a rocket ship in his garage. When strange things begin to happen they have Cameron asking what exactly is real and what isn’t. Even he’s not quite sure what or who to believe right now. All he knows is that space is the dream and he thinks he can get there.

What We Think: This was another existential tale from director Colin West. One that explores the reality of…reality. Much like the last film of his we saw Double Walker there’s themes of existential confusion, lifes importance and a certain amount of mystery. It’s the mystery of the script that drives this. You want to know what’s happening within each moment. Certain characters aren’t who they seem to be and others turn out to be something totally different. West brilliance with this lies in his ability to frame his characters in such a unique way. A way that keeps your interest as an audience member. It’s really good work from a super interesting director.

Our Grade: B, This is yet another example of Colin West being talented and I’d argue it’s his best example. The writing is sharp enough and his work behind the lens is as such that you’re constantly enthralled by the work. This is a unique cinematic experience and one I think people should take. It isn’t an easy film to watch. Those patient enough for it though are in for an absolute treat. It’s an enthralling exploration of the human condition. One delicately posed and prodded by a director self-assured in his abilities and willing to take some chances.