Review: Double Walker

Title: Double Walker
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Colin West
Starring: Sylvie Mix, Justin Rose, Quinn Armstrong
Runtime: 1 hr 11 mins

What It Is: When a young girl is killed she awakens as a Ghost (Mix). She’s also about 15 years older. As she navigates her afterlife decision she’s bound and determined to take vengeance on the circumstances that lead to her demise. Along the way, she’ll experience the grief left behind and connect with people around her. For the positive and negative. How do the people we love react to our deaths? What if you could seek vengeance when others simply wish for escape?

What We Think: This is a hard indie film. What I mean by that is that conceptually a normal audience isn’t going to want to see this. That’s to their detriment. This is such a confusing journey. Not because you don’t understand it but because the ending leaves you unsatisfied. On the way to that ending though you get a nuanced film. One that’s beautifully shot by West and shows that Sylvie Mix will soon be a star. Couples nicely with Poser out of Tribeca for a great Sylvie Mix double. Cranked Up has certainly chosen wisely with this one as I find it one of the indie production companies best made and most interesting pieces. West writing this WITH Mix makes the whole experience all the more cohesive. That cohesion really tends to gratify from an audience perspective. Narratively the film is a bit tangled and its pacing isn’t perfect it’s the storyline itself that’ll keep you gripped.

Our Grade: C+, I like this film. I really feel like the third act lets this one down. and drives the grade down. Sylvie Mix is awesome and she’s the reason to watch this one. Most will find the deliberateness “boring” but I never found my mind wandering. Nonetheless, I can give this one a slight recommendation. Especially if you want a really interesting and unique twist on the “ghost” genre. There’s a twist that much like a ghost you won’t be able to see. Smart but flawed there are some ideas here. that had they fully developed push the grade up slightly higher. That being said check it out if you want a small, subtle, and carefully crafted indie horror mashup.