Review: Infinite

Title: Infinite
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson
Runtime: 1 hr 46 mins

What It Is: Evan McCauley (Wahlberg) has discovered that he is not who he thinks he is. That the voices in his head are actually memories of his past life. You see in his previous life Evan was Treadway (Dylan O’Brien), as assassin responsible for keeping Bathurst (Ejiofor) at bay in his mission to end all life on the planet…including that of the immortal Bathurst. Can Evan recall his memories, find the elusive item needed to stop Bathurst and save humankind?

What We Think: Fuqua has been a struggle to get through lately. Like the skills are certainly still there but the stories just aren’t. This one, in particular, is a crowded mess of decisions. Most of those decisions aren’t the best. Wahlberg is doing whatever he’s doing and the script is Inception-lite craziness. It doesn’t make a whole ton of sense. Fuqua is great at one thing that must be spoken about…shooting action. Most of the action in this looks really good. There’s some great stuff there but it isn’t enough to save whatever ridiculousness Fuqua and writer Ian Shorr are doing with The Reincarnationist Papers on which the film is based.

Our Grade: C+, Paramount+ is where this is featured and honestly much like that platform this film is blasé at best. Nothing worth writing home about with full honesty. Wahlberg is his normal self. Ejiofor is bleh and the material is not good enough for an actor of his caliber. I just don’t know who this movie is for. The action isn’t good enough for fans of that sort of movie and the scifi elements aren’t original enough to satiate that crowd. A truly middle of the road film, and for that a middle of the road grade.