Review: Shadow in the Cloud

Title: Shadow in the Cloud
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Roseanne Liang
Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Beulah Koale
Runtime: 1 hr 23 mins

What It Is: Maude Garrett (Moretz) is a female pilot in World War II. The crew of the plane, named the Fool’s Errand aren’t happy about a stranger they don’t know, who is also a woman on board. When the true nature and origin of Maude’s mission become known there’s even more suspicion and doubt cast. It doesn’t hurt that she’s stuck in a turret with a Gremlin run amok outside the plane…and no one believing her.

What We Think: Look I get what the film wanted to do it just didn’t work. To start the CGI looks pedestrian..and I understand low budgets and such but if you can’t pull it off in the budget don’t try it. Honestly the Gremlin in this, unless it had some deeper meaning, was useless. I say deeper meaning but being as this script started out in the hands of Max Landis there’s definately no profound underlying message. Chlow Grace Moretz is really trying to make the material work…she can’t. It is especially evident the script is just sorta lazy in the third act. Whatever resolution you think will occur by the beginning of the third frame…that’s what happens. Story structure is by the numbers and in no way are the consequences for our heroine anything other then certain. We’re certain she won’t face any consequences that is to say. All of the male characters are wholly unlikeable. Even the guy we’re “supposed” to like. He’s a weak shell of a person. I like how strong a central character the film attempts to make Maude Garrett (wonder whom she’s named after).

Our Grade: D+, It is no wonder this film came out in the desolate hellscape of January. Were projects go to die. It is here, this area between New Years and Valentine’s that renders only two types of films. Those vying for awards recognition and thos on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. The doldrums of cinematic society. Redbox is behind this one and even with a free rental I suggest you not bother.