Review: Run Hide Fight

Title: Run Hide Fight
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Kyle Rankin
Starring: Isabel May, Radha Mitchell, Thomas Jane
Runtime:: 1 hr 49 mins

What It Is: Zoe Hull (May) is a young woman prepping for the next step in her life. Her father (Jane) has taught her to hunt and this will prove very important on Senior Prank Day. You see a group of school shooters led by the demented Tristan (Eli Brown) has decided that killing his classmates is the only way to get his message across. They planned meticulously this what they did not plan for was Zoe. She’s ready to run she’s ready to hide and she’s definitely ready to fight.

What We Think: It’s a difficult proposition to separate this film from the company that acquired it. Even some of the filmmakers tried to remove themselves from the film following its acquisition from The Daily Wire. To me, they perhaps should have removed themselves from the film during the making. You see this film is extraordinarily tasteless in delivery. Kyle Rankin directs this and to a lesser extent points a camera at his subjects and yells cut. There’s nothing special here. There’s especially not enough here to circumvent several of the obstacles Isabel May has to carry the weight of the film and she deserves a better script and better subject matter.

Our Grade: D, It was not for me. I can say that. That despicable people currently possess the film, and that one of the producers is a terrible person will be two issues for the normal audience. That said even if you “look past that” the film there isn’t worth selling your soul over. That this mirrors real-life events, to an extent, is a decision that was made. It’s a decision I cannot condone. A decision I can’t lie by the wayside. Get that young lady into some better material…please.