Review: #Like

Title: #Like
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Sarah Pirozek
Starring: Sarah Rich, Jeff Wincott, Marc Menchaca
Runtime: 1 hr 33 mins

What It Is: Rosie (Rich) is a young woman whose little sister Amelia (Samantha Nicole Dunn) killed herself one year ago. Now Rosie is out for some answers and she believes she’s found the man responsible for pushing her dear sister to the edge…and sadly off of it. All signs point to The Man (Menchaca) being the guy who did it. Rosie does the next logical thing, she kidnaps him in order to get a confession out of him. To finally allow her sister to rest.

What We Think: Sarah Rich gives a pretty good performance here. Structurally it’s a revenge thriller with a weak bit. I think not going full-on with the R-rating hurt this one. The torture scenes were mild and that hurt the effect they were going for. The third act here is…so messy. It’s a really unspectacular ending. It is one you may not see coming. That is the one thing it has going for it. Outside of that, the script isn’t anything to write home about and it runs at a snail’s pace. Not ideal for the subject matter.

Our Grade: C-, Passable only at its best moments this seems like a few too many half steps where instead the film could’ve really explored the grotesque nature of what caused the central conflict. Alas, we’re given only a modicum of what could’ve been. This is one of those situations where the idea was far better than the execution. If this seems like a concept that should work but lacked execution. An obvious trigger warning is in order with the themes here. It’s to niche a topic to find something better but honestly this one isn’t really worth it.