Review: The Neighbourhood’s “Stargazing”

Title: Stargazing
Director: Ramez Silyan
Starring: Jesse Rutherford, Devon Lee, Mac DeMarco
Runtime: 4 mins

What It Is: The follow-up to their previous single “Pretty Boy” in which we’re introduced to a man painted in chrome dedicating his time to performing music on the streets of LA, the journey is continued as the chrome man goes from door-to-door to different artists houses, seemingly asking permission for him to perform.

What We Think: This was an engaging little visual that like in “Pretty Boy” (coincidently the second “Pretty Boy” this year next to Joji’s fame-critical video installments) expresses perfectly with The NHBD’s alt dream pop sound, more laid back and methodical in this era. This short I liked in particular as compared to its predecessor with added interest as we see the chronology of chrome man continue into a statement of the emotional struggle, and perhaps incapability of the dreamer (we don’t actually know how good the chrome man is at playing or being a performer). It’s a fun tour as we run around with chrome guy as he does the girl-scout-march from Mac Demarco to Jayden Smith’s door. Random yet endearingly introspective, the visuals and editing add an extra atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the range of environments to be found in SoCal–the aesthetic overall is quite enjoyable, though I also really appreciated the contemplative edge that “Pretty Boy” showcased.

Our Grade: B, Likable and visually magnetic. The themes of the narrative series are made with a little more nuance this time around, I’m thinking the inclusion of musician cameos is not only for fun, but also an implication of how accomplished artists and celebrities might consider the work and effort of beginners when approached with it. Fans of The NHBD and the alternative music scene will probably get a hoot out of this, as well as great comfort.

Author: Chai Simone