Review: My Other Suit is Human (San Diego International Film Festival Short)

Title: My Other Suit is Human
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Andrew Paul Montague
Starring: Bethany Blake, Simeon Oakes
Runtime: 17 mins

What It Is: Zoe (Bethany Blake) has become distanced from her husband (Simeon Oakes) after the death of her son. She dons a cardboard robot suit in hopes of perhaps rediscovering their relationship (and herself) through a new pair of eyes.

What We Think: This is a genuine short that has a very simple but profound story. However, one thing that made the viewing experience significantly more impactful for me was not knowing the main twist (that their son is dead). After seeing the short twice, I realize that I didn’t catch onto the subtle clues that were placed during the short’s opening minutes during my first viewing, nevertheless, the scene that occurs between Blake and Oakes near the end of the short was brilliantly acted and definitely had me hooked until the end credits. It’s quite evident that a lot of care was taken into making this short, and I’m impressed. The pacing is fine, I feel like the film could’ve been a few minutes shorter, but sometimes there are scenes that need to stay a little longer, and they’re more than welcome in this case. The weird and heartwarming presentation is something to admire!

Our Grade: B+, A really well made short that is quirky yet wholehearted, with great performances and a warm presentation, My Other Suit is Human is a terrific short that you should definitely check out.

Author: James Snyder