Review: The Kissing Booth 2

Title: The Kissing Booth 2
MPAA Rating: TV-14
Director: Vince Marcello
Starring: Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi
Runtime: 2 hrs 14 mins

What It Is: The sequel sees the heroine of the first film Elle Evans (King) is living the dream. It’s senior year. She’s dating and in love with the man of her dreams Noah (Elordi) and prepping for her application to Harvard. The only problem is college, especially the Ivy League, is really expensive. This realization hit’s Elle hard. Likewise, they say distance makes the heart grow fonder but is that true when a beautiful British coed is befriending your boyfriend who is over 3,000 miles away?

What We Think: This film is dumber and less focused than the first one. Speaking from a dialogue perspective this film is the absolute bottom of the barrel. Every character does or says something completely idiotic. Acting in this film is a simple manner. Read the lines and try to be charismatic. Joey King is a pretty good actress. She’s got some charisma. Not enough to push forward this trash script. Courtney’s character especially comes off as a doofus. Often making one bad decision after another. Speaking of bad decisions my god there are no real great decisions made.

Our Grade: F, One of the only things that saved the initial film was the soundtrack. This does not have that luxury. An overall terrible experience. One that I am thankful you do not have to leave the house to spend time with. That might be the biggest plus for this. Having to go out in a pandemic to watching anemic dialogue spewed by dumb people (I’m sure the actors are lovely) would and isn’t worth it. Skip this film. In fact, run the entire other direction from it. For it is like the ’50s B-Movie “The Blob”
it will all consume you.