Review: Money Plane

Title: Money Plane
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Andrew Lawrence
Starring: Adam Copeland, Kelsey Grammer, Thomas Jane
Runtime: 1 hr 22 mins

What It Is: After failing to steal a priceless painting for crime boss Rumble (Grammer) Jack Reese (Copeland) is forced to work for him in one last job to protect his family. Robbing a “money plane” filled to the brim with equal parts cash and shady characters. But can they pull this impossible job? And was their previous failure a setup by some unknown force? How exactly will Reese manage to steal an entire plane without risking their own lives?

What We Think: Dear god. What an awful film. This feels it belongs somewhere on the SyFy Channel. Seriously. Someone help my man Edge out here. He has no script to work with and Andrew Lawrence is by no means a director I want to see do anything else. I’m sure he works hard and means well but it is evident that he’s not much of a director. Hell, he cast his brothers that haven’t been seen in a film in quite some time. There aren’t a ton of positives to spin in this one here. I mean the thing isn’t even particularly shot well.

Our Grade: F, I’m unsure if it was supposed to be this bad or if that’s an unintended consequence of the writing and direction. Either way, this is certainly not the accidental genius of a Wiseau or Breen film. No this plays to straightforward and “serious”. Copeland has become a capable actor. Look no further then his work on the History Channel’s excellent show Vikings. This was just a paycheck for everyone involved it seems and that’s a true shame. It only went half way where it should’ve. If it had gone full SyFy Channel crapfest it would’ve endeared itself better.