Review: Wichita (Short)

Title: Wichita
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Sergine Dumais
Starring: Maxim Roy and Jermey Sisto
Runtime: 6 mins

What It Is: Sara (Roy) wakes up to an unexpected call from her husband (Sisto), who’s out of town. He asks her to get something for him back at their house. The only problem is, Sara woke up in another man’s bed. In an effort to save their marriage, Sara rushes back to their house while prompting her husband to talk about Wichita in order to stall him. But there’s only so much to say about Wichita.

What We Think: I had no idea what to expect when I sat down to watch this short. I found myself impressed by the successful mix of comedy and drama and over the moon that there was a strong and dynamic narrative structure with an ending that holds no punches. Roy really steals the show and embodies the exact right emotional response for her character’s predicament. Overall this is a short that manages to fit a successful plot twist and will have anybody who watches it on the edge of their seat for the duration of its short runtime.   

Our Grade: A-, You should really watch this short. There really isn’t a reason you shouldn’t. The back and forth between Sara and her husband before the final act may run a little too long but its hard to say any part of this impressive six minute short goes on for longer than it should. If you want to have some laughs and watch something with value, then Wichita certainly fits the bill.


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