Review: The King of Staten Island

Title: The King of Staten Island
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Judd Apatow
Starring: Pete Davidson, Bel Powley, Marisa Tomei
Runtime: 2 hr 16 mins

What It Is: Scott (Davidson) is a prospective tattoo artist but also…sort of a slacker. in his mid-20’s he still lives at home with his mother Margie (Tomei) and his younger sister Claire (played by Apatow’s own daughter Maude) who is now leaving for college. Scott’s father, a firefighter, died when he was younger and before Maude can even recall. Now his mom is dating Ray (Bill Burr) who also happens to be a firefighter. This triggers the worst in Scott leading him to maybe make a few too many mistakes.

What We Think: Judd Apatow has always had a penchant for telling stories ABOUT people who really aren’t funny and showing that it is instead life itself that’s hilarious. Davidson is giving this film his all and balances his unlikability with the characters back story (one similar to that of Davidson’s actual back story). Dialogue is king…as it should be in a comedy. The jokes come so organically you’d think they were made in a grow house. This is absolutely one of the year’s funniest. Most heartfelt pieces. Something only Apatow could bring us.

Our Grade: A-, One of the funniest films of 2020 is also one of its most human stories. I highly recommend you check this one out! Honestly. This is one of those laughs until you cry and cry until you laugh films. Often those are the ones that tend to stick with us. Check this out as it is available on VOD and Blu-Ray right now. My existential dread loved the different elements on this even if some of the more romantic angles were dropped and forgotten at points. Shoutout to Bel Powley for continuing to be amazing. Even in stuff where she’s had nothing to work with she shines…here she has a good script and that comes out throughout.

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