Review: The Argument

Title: The Argument
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Robert Schwartzman
Starring: Dan Fogler, Emma Bell, Maggie Q
Runtime: 1 hr 21 mins

What It Is: When struggling screenwriter Jack (Fogler) invites some friends over following the closing performance of his girlfriend Lisa’s (Bell) play fun ensues…as it would. When the drinks start flowing an argument occurs. But who started it? That’s the question Jack and Lisa intend to answer…by recreating the exact environment the fight initially took place in. That, of course, proves itself to be quite a challenge for the couple. As well as a bigger one for their friends.

What We Think: It’s a comedy that’s certainly flawed but funny enough in spots to hold attention. Where it borrows from things like Carnage it certainly does enough with the concept. Schwartzman was shooting this as if it were a play…which Carnage originally was. I think that that option worked. It does feature several scenes block in a theater-style. As I mentioned in our interview below Cleopatra Coleman steals the show here. Schwartzman directs this with a watchful eye on each scene making sure that as the “rather interesting” premise stays the course and doesn’t lead to the whole film falling apart. I say that to say that it easily could’ve fallen apart because the script is…meh. All of the actors work their best within it and craft a funny, and carefree comedy.

Our Grade: C+, You guys should check this one out. It’s pretty funny and makes itself at home within the first few minutes. Does it reinvent the wheel? No, not at all. But in this day and age something easily digestible with a bit of a head-on its shoulders. Do NOT forget to click the video below and check out our interview with the director of this one Robert Schwartzman!