Review: For Your Consideration (Short)

Title: For Your Consideration
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Poppy Gordon
Starring: Samantha Robinson, Juliette Goglia, Ava Capri 
Runtime: 13 mins

What It Is: Three young, privileged women (Robinson, Goglia, Capri) take it upon themselves to make the next big movie that’s going to act as the message the world needs. They set out on constructing a plan to make the perfect movie that’s the right amount woke, speaks for the voiceless, and absolutely paints them in a good light. They know in their hearts they’ll make it to Sundance, just as long as they follow the formula of what it takes to make the best, most topical movie.

What We Think: The thirteen minutes I spent watching this short film was an absolute joy. From start to finish it held my attention with its no holding back, incredibly accurate dialogue. Every line really enhanced the premise of three women who have no clue what they’re doing or talking about but feel in their hearts they’re doing the right thing and being helpful. The blunt one-liners really stood out and were capitalized by the acting performances. While everyone nailed their character, Samantha Robinson really stole the show as Heather. Some of her facial expressions were more powerful than anything she could’ve said and she absolutely nailed the fake influencer smile. This film really fired on all cylinders as the camera work was also noteworthy. The camera moved with intention and it was always clear what each shot was saying. There really wasn’t anything wrong with the film. As a satire, it achieved its goal of being humorous but also brought attention to real issues. This film serves as a wake-up call to a lot of privileged people that may think they understand their role and how they can help issues but have really got it all backward.       

Our Grade: A, Not to beat a dead horse but this film truly is phenomenal. The only bad thing I can think of to say is that I wished it was longer. While the story might get a little repetitive and bore over the course of a whole hour and a half, I would definitely love to see more of these characters failing so epically when they think they’re on the right track. Nowadays there’s lots of content out there that parodies people attempting to be a voice for those who aren’t being heard, but few pieces do it better than this film. Everyone has thirteen minutes to sit down and watch this film and everyone should.