Review: Scoob!

Title:  Scoob!
MPAA Rating: PG
Director: Tony Cervone
Starring: Will Forte, Mark Wahlberg, Gina Rodriguez
Runtime: 1 hr 33 mins

What It Is: Shaggy (Forte) is a young boy who feels alone in the world. One world-changing day at the beach sees him run into a Great Dane puppy that he names Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker). When the pair of new best friends run into a spooky situation in a supposedly haunted house they receive help from some new friends. Fred (Zac Efron), Daphne (Amanda Seyfried), and Velma (Rodriguez) together with those two will form Mystery Inc. a group of meddling kids determined to solve mysteries great and small. When a new threat arises they more bite off more then they can chew.

What We Think: This is a children’s film made for children between ages 5-10. I am contrary to popular opinion not a child between the ages of 5-10. So having clarified this I didn’t care too much for it. The script is too simple and easy and the animation isn’t anything to write home about. The voice acting is solid enough given the talent on board and the collection of Hannah-Barbara characters that make appearances here are diverse if uninteresting.

Our Grade: C-, Weak animation, and a sloppy script bring nothing interesting to a film that shoots aims low and doesn’t miss. If you have children they’ll definitely like this. However! You will totally struggle to finish it. So that’s the clearest I can be in regards to this film and whether you’ll like it. As for me personally, if you’re tastes are similar to mine don’t see this. I commend a company for trying a new style of animation but not when it doesn’t really work out well. Warner Bros. Animation has had some winners (Lego Movie) this ain’t that though, unfortunately.