Review: Suzi Q

Title: Suzi Q
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Liam Firmager
Starring: Suzi Quatro, Cherie Currie, KT Tunstall
Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins

What It Is: A documentary about the life, family, career, and spirit of the Detroit-born, pioneer of rock-n-roll musician Suzi Quatro, who was the first woman to front a rock band. She and others in interviews speak of the history of rock-n-roll in the 70s and onward, and the impact that Suzie had on others to come.

What We Think: This was a very straightforward doc. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of this artist before, and it’s unfortunately likely a lot of others from my generation are missing out as well. Of course we know Debbie Harry and Joan Jett (both of whom came out as rock star idols following suit after Suzi and were also featured in this documentary), but there was quite a bit to discover through Suzi’s career and how she actually influenced so many others. It’s still refreshing to see someone from a time way back be hailed and considered dominating and sexy in their time just by being naturally themselves. Suzi is that, honestly I wanted to see more of her in the act of being onstage and in interviews; you can see how she became a star that way through her honest, quick dialogue and energized personality. It was interesting to hear her as well as others delve into what was sacrificed for fame as well as being an international musician and actress and what that means. Overall the documentary is well made and well edited.

Our Grade: B, Not the deepest or most provocative documentary you’ll find for your one-and-a-half hours of free time, but certainly inspires from the vicarious effect Suzi has in making the call for unadulterated expression. I felt good after watching this; I was energized. I want to be in a band now.

Author: Chai Simone