Review: Extraction

Title: Extraction
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Sam Hargrave
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Randeep Hooda
Runtime: 1 hr 56 mins

What It Is: When the largest drug lord in Bangladesh kidnaps the son of the largest drug lord in India the boy’s handler Saju (Hooda) employs mercenary Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) to get the boy back. When Rake is betrayed by Saju and when that druglord finds out he’s taken back the boy…named Ovi (Jaiswal) the manhunt is on. Now Rake is fighting a battle on two fronts. A battle between Raju trying to rip off Rake and the other druglord wanting to recollect his collateral.

What We Think: This is honestly one of the better experiences in the action genre in some time. It’s a taut little production that features a charismatic lead performance from our resident God of Thunder Chris Hemsworth. He brings a certain gravitas to his Rake. He’s no-nonsense, a bad dude, and knows exactly what he needs to do. Hargrave brings to the proceeding a knowledge of stunts and that eye for bumping is more than obvious. Do stuntman always make good action directors? Look at something like John Wick and that franchise. It is directed by a stuntman and its authenticity is second to none. This is really sort of similar including some of the shot selection. It all coalesces quite nicely for an action film that is both familiar enough but a little fresh.

Our Grade: B+, This is what Netflix needs to be making. They’re on some sort of roll with films recently. Stay tuned when I discuss more of the great stuff they’re putting out. Overall this is an action movie that gives you chances to take in what’s happening and then smacks you right in the face with itself. There’s some great stuff here and you should all certainly check this one out!