Review: The Main Event

Title: The Main Event
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Jay Karas
Starring: Seth Carr, Tichina Arnold, Adam Pally
Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins

What It Is: Leo (Carr) is a young man who loves professional wrestling. Specifically the WWE and its premiere tag team The New Day. His father Steve (Pally) is working a second job driving Uber since his wife (Leo’s mother) left them. This means he is mainly being raised by his eccentric Grandma (Arnold). When the little guy finds an old Lucha libre mask while running from bullies it bestows powers upon him that might just change his life.

What We Think: This is straight-up WWE propaganda. An utterly disgusting display of pander that isn’t worth it for fans of cinema or the WWE. This is not only a terrible family film it’s one that bends to the wills of its creators (WWE Films) so much you’re certain that this is just a commercial for Monday Night Raw or something. WWE Films is capable of making good films both Fighting With My Family and Oculus are examples of that. The former even featuring the companies professional wrestlers. Even for child actors, the child actors in this are as cardboard bland as can be. Karas is a director known more for TV…some of the funniest stuff on the small screen.

Our Grade: F, SKIP THIS. In fact, burn it with fire and scatter the ashes. If there’s one thing I DO NOT stand for it’s pandering. Sometimes children’s films do this…it was epidemic in the ’90s and that’s one of the things this film does. It panders to children as if they’re idiots and does nothing but plugs the WWE at every turn. Wrestling fans looking for a better wrestling movie maybe check out Powerbomb, which isn’t THAT good but far better than this. OR…OR rent Nail in the Coffin – The Rise and Fall of Vampiro, which is a GREAT documentary on “the business”. This though, this is just pandering drivel, propaganda of the worst degree.

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