Review: The Banker

Title: The Banker
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: George Nolfi
Starring: Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Hoult
Runtime: 2 hrs

What It Is: Bernard Garrett (Mackie) has always been a go-getter and hard worker. Ever since he was a little boy growing up in Texas. Now he’s a grown man determined to become something. His genius lies in mathematics and finance and Bernard wants to become a real estate maven. To get this done he’ll need financing. That’s where Joe Morris (Jackson) comes in. But to really make this work they’ll enlist Matt Steiner (Hoult) to play the figurehead of the company Bernard and Joe are running.

What We Think: This is a film of time and setting. We are in the time and we gain knowledge of the setting. Its message is one that is crystal clear right from the top. Jim Crow and other laws were designed to keep the Black and African-American poor and uneducated. The way it’s told is just so wonderfully done. Our three lead performances are strong but Nia Long steals some of the scenes away from all the boys. Structurally I enjoyed how the film was put together. It’s a relatively harmless piece in that respect.

Our Grade: B-, This is certainly an enjoyable film from AppleTV+. If this is the quality we’re going to get (even if their release dates are inconsisent) we’re going to have a goliath in the hardware game throwing their hat in the streaming arena. As for the film itself if you have AppleTV+ (which, if you bought a new iPhone since September you do) I’d recommend you check this one out. From the great performances to the solid dialogue, this is an easy recommendation for me no matter the audience. Check this one out and see for yourself what this story brings to the table.


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