Review: Butt Boy

Title: Butt Boy
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Tyler Cornack
Starring: Tyler Rice, Tyler Cornack, Shelby Dash
Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes

What It Is? When Chip Gutchell’s unusual abilities cause a series of disappearances, it’s up to Detective Russel B. Fox to prove him guilty and take him down.

What We Think? So it is obviously a film with a very absurd concept, and instead of simply riding on the ridiculous base it’s built on, it expands into an intelligent parody of the moody crime-thriller genre of films and television. Lush production value adds to both the enjoyment of the film and the joke of it all, with the camerawork and lighting being shot exactly like a stylish cat-and-mouse thriller, and the soundtrack adding legitimate tension to scenes, while also being quite stylish and interesting as well. The final main element that ties the entire hybrid movie together, is, of course, the main performances being played perfectly, and with full commitment, despite the strange situation this movie is set in. The characters themselves are also a version of tropes seen around in these thriller crime dramas, and manage to be portrayed with without being boring or exactly predictable.

Our Grade: B, This feels like a rare breed these days, an absurd yet skillful parody in the form of a full length film, and love it or hate it you have to respect what was accomplished here. I personally enjoyed it quite a bit. However I do have to remark, I felt the ending went a bit too far into it’s absurdism and into a kind of comedy I didn’t really find as clever or enjoyable. You could say the end was trying out satire of another genre and switched out the intense crime-thriller for what felt like horror. It just didn’t feel as subtle, and kind of popped the atmosphere that had been built up. But overall- I highly suggest giving this a watch. It definitely makes for a weird, fun movie night, so long as you aren’t too squeamish.

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