Review: Bloodshot

Title: Bloodshot
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: David Wilson
Starring: Vin Diesel, Eiza González, Guy Pearce
Runtime: 1 hr 49 mins

What It Is: When a slain soldier named Ray Garrison (Diesel) seeks vengeance against the people who killed both himself and his wife. When a radical covert program reanimates him it is the perfect opportunity for him to get the revenge he seeks. Under the code name, Bloodshot he and his other enhanced teammates, led by Dr. Emil Harting (Pearce) will do what needs to be done to accomplish their goals. But what are the true intentions of this group and of their leader?

What We Think: What a catastrophic blunder. Vin Diesel is mailing it in hardcore and the script is an exercise in settling for genre tropes. I don’t know what the screenwriter was on about with this one. There’s scenery getting chewed and it’s all very overtly cheesy and awful. Its PG-13 rating seems to almost work as a detriment to the film itself. I think an R-rating would’ve allowed for some of the films obvious half steps to fully flourish. Possibly allowing this to be a little more than the dud we were given. Sadly this met all the rather low expectations I had for myself.

Our Grade: F, This is a failure of a film that succeeds in nothing it’s attempting to do. Vin Diesel is legitimately the ultimate phone in performance actor. Move over Bruce Willis! This is nothing but pure trash cinema. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Like even if you have a faint interest in this film take that thought and remove it from your head. You don’t want any part of whatever is happening here. With some many options for both quarantine and otherwise to watch, making time for a 90-minute film that is almost two hours is not by any means a worthwhile use of anyones time.

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