Review: Blackbird (Short)

Title: Blackbird
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Matthew Reynolds
Starring: Phoebe Riding, Ugnius Gorbaciovas, Hannah Tyler
Runtime: 20 mins

What It Is: In 1980s Liverpool, lover-turned-scorned teenager Mary-Kate turns to a life of crime to feel satisfaction.

What We Think: This was a good lot of fun. I’ll admit it certainly brought me back to some of my video production days. That being said this is an amateur production: you get the sense it’s a camcorder (or cellphone), some avid filmmakers, and a group of people who had some fun onset. It definitely could use some work in areas such as sound mixing, sound and music production, and a lot of the camerawork. I see a huge potential in this, the filmmakers, and the lead actress. I see a great effort put into something that looked like a lot of fun to make. I see a concept that would really work and a subject / story I would wanna see on a higher value production. I believe these guys can get there.

Our Grade: C, I honestly have no idea how to grade this. I dunno if it’s necessarily fair to grade this because the production itself is still at such an early stage. Nonetheless I think with some more practice, better tools, and more backing, this and all other future endeavors will accumulate a greater audience and reception. I really think it’s possible–there’s so much personality and spunk and comedy to be experienced in that. My impression from this Danny-Boyle inspired short is that there is so much more coming these guy’s way so long as they keep pushing. I encourage the filmmakers to keep doing what they’re doing and keep up their passion and oomph energy. Seeing work like this reminds me of where I come from and what happens when a love of movies and filmmaking begins to take affect, and that really motivates me.

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