Review: Mucho Mucho Amor (Sundance 2020)

Title: Mucho Mucho Amor
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Directors: Cristina Costantini, Kareem Tabsch
Walter Mercado, Willy Acosta, Lin-Manuel Miranda
1 hr 36 mins

What It Is: Walter Mercado was an astrologist and television personality that changed television. In particular, the Spanish language and Latin American side of things. In this documentary, we learn how a little boy that grew up on a sugar cane factory in Puerto Rico became the most recognizable face in and on Spanish news. With an unmistakable charisma and a wardrobe to die for Walter Mercado brings with him has left an indelible mark on everyone that ever saw him.

What We Think: What a loving portrait of a man who’s presence changed so much of Latin American television. Mercado was unlike anything seen on television by his audience at THAT time. This film does a great job of telling its tale and making you care whether you’re just being introduced to the man or you’ve known him all your life how this is told and the love it’s made with is evident. Having interviews with the man himself certainly helped. It makes everything that happens hit with more emotion. To know what happened, and how it affected Mercado…it’s all quite a lot.

Our Grade: A-, Certainly a documentary worth your time. A lovingly told tale of a man loved worldwide. There’s something to be said for just putting it all out there and seeing what sticks. Not in some disorganized mess, but in a package that is well told and short. At only 96 mins long this is an easy view. It’ll be even easier since Netflix picked this one up. I am going to obviously recommend this to the highest degree possible. See it once Netflix decides to put it out. But keep a lookout for it because Netflix is kind of terrible at marketing their films.