Review: Synchronic (2019 Fantastic Fest)

Title: Synchronic
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Directors: Aaron Moorehead, Justin Benson
Starring: Jamie Dornan, Anthony Mackie, Katie Aselton
Runtime: 1 hr 36 mins

What It Is: Paramedics Dennis (Dornan) and Steve (Mackie) have been best friends literally forever. As a new street drug begets a strange series of deaths and injuries the two lifesavers will investigate exactly what’s going on. When it appears that a new designer drug called Synchronic is to blame for the madness occurring. When Steve figures out exactly what this substance is and what it does he’s bound and determined to fix something that’s gone horribly wrong.

What We Think: Congrats to friend of the page Aaron Moorehead on this one! Such a great and original story so well told. He and Justin Benson direct the heck out of this. Jamie Dornan has never really impressed me, but here he does some solid work. Anthony Mackie is the real show-stealer here. For a film of this budget, the CGI looks phenomenal. You’re probably asking yourself why would a film about two paramedics need CGI? Check this one out and see! From a storytelling perspective if you’ve seen any of Moorehead and Benson’s previous films you know there’s a richness to their storytelling. That repeats itself here.

Our Grade: A-, Aaron. I told you I loved your movie! As you can see it’s true. I can offer a recommendation for sure. This is a really cool film on top of it is really well made. Whenever this one comes out and as of the writing of this review, I don’t have nor know the release schedule. If you haven’t seen any of their other work. Do it! Especially The Endless or Spring. As for this the twists and turns it takes are not whatever you think they are.

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