Review: Maleficent – Mistress of Evil

Title: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Rating: PG
Director: Joachim Ronning
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer, Elle Fanning
Runtime: 1 hr 59 mins

What is it: Maleficent encounters a conniving queen who hatches a devious plot to destroy the land’s fairies. Hoping to stop her, Maleficent joins forces with a seasoned warrior and a group of outcasts to battle the queen and her powerful army.

What we think: Powerful and well-acted by several. Angelina Jolie delivered an amazing performance as did Elle Fanning and Michele Pfeiffer. Angelina definitely had the amazing Maleficent stare down and completely stole every scene she was in. Her presence was just incredible, to say the least! This film was not as dark as the first Maleficent film was which was a tad bit disappointing since the darkness of the first film was one of the reasons that made that movie as incredible as it was. However, that certainly did not stop this film from being a really great film. The storyline felt well developed enough as did the characters. I also really loved the new tiny fairy characters that were added to the movie. They were absolutely adorable! The aspect of this film that I didn’t hate but found rather interesting was the choices in editing. At the beginning of the film during the dinner scene, I would have loved to have gotten a certain reaction shot from Maleficent which we, unfortunately, did not get. I also found the editing rather intriguing during the middle of the film mostly because some of it made it a bit difficult to completely follow the storyline and made it a little confusing.

Our grade: B+,  is an incredible addition to the Maleficent storyline. I would truly recommend this film to anyone for a family-friendly movie experience or really to anyone who was a fan of the first film!

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