Review: Hobbs & Shaw

Title: Hobbs & Shaw
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: David Leitch
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vanessa Kirby
Runtime: 2 hr 17 mins

What It Is: When a dangerous weapon is taken and the woman who did it is framed it’ll be up to enemies Hobbs (Johnson) and Shaw (Statham) to save her from the Terminator-esque Brixton (Idris Elba). Turns out that she doesn’t REALLY need saving. You see the woman, named Hattie (Kirby) just so happens to be Shaw’s sister. Now Hobbs & Shaw have to work together, as difficult as that may be, in order to save the entirety of the world.

What We Think: This is utter nonsense. Like seriously this is a hot garbage mess of stupidity. Is it kinda fun, yeah but there are points when it does take itself too seriously. The Rock and Jason Statham have a chemistry about them that works both in the adversarial and cooperative. Vanessa Kirby is like she was in Mission Impossible: Fallout a sort of devilish delight. I just think her roles were too similar. Throw the script in the garbage because that’s literally what it is. Dispensible trash loosely fitting and not well put together. If not for the charm and charisma of its titular leads this would be b-movie fodder more akin to direct to VOD. If not for the Fast and Furious branding this would’ve fallen to the wayside.

Our Grade: C-, BLEGH! Just not very enjoyable and a bit too ridiculous. It takes itself too seriously at moments. Not enough tongue in cheek for me. The Rock is still franchise viagra. It’s just too bad he can’t inject anything into the writing. Leitch is a decent action director even if his previous endeavors behind the camera are less then stellar…outside of John Wick of course. If you wanna turn your brain off for over two hours (which by the way this film is WAY too long) then check this out.

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