Review: Firecrackers

Title: Firecrackers
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Jasmin Mozaffari
Starring: Michaela Kurimsky, Karena Evans, Callum Thompson
Runtime: 1 hr 33 mins

What It Is: Lou (Kurmisky) and Chantal (Evans) are just a couple of girls trying to get out of their dead-end Canadian town. With the money they’ve saved from their jobs they intend to do just that. When a series of events looks to shake them to their core. Now the two young women are fighting their families and those around them in order to preserve some semblance of dignity and pride. It’s just time for these girls to get out of there by any means necessary.

What We Think: This was a really nice little surprise. I had little to no expectations for this being good. Most of the acting seems naturalistic almost like we aren’t watching acting and are instead just living life with them. That’s a testament to Mozaffari’s lens. Subtle and unintrusive. Kurmisky and Evans have great chemistry and the whole of the film comes off as well-written. It is a perspective that’s worth seeing. A woman telling stories about young women. This is what diversity gets you. Likewise, it isn’t often that Canada can provide such a backdrop for stories of this nature. Perhaps though I’m just not watching enough Canadian films…let me know below.

Our Grade: B+, A quality piece of independent filmmaking. One sure to leave audiences satisfied with it. I have some issues with the actual ending even if I think it’s the right one. These characters aren’t really likable which is to say that you’re really not supposed to like them. You are supposed to feel for them though. That sense of rebellion. Of getting out of your crappy hometown it breathes all over this. It’s something anyone can relate to. See this one. You won’t regret it.

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