Review: Come to Daddy (2019 Fantastic Fest)

Title: Come to Daddy
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Ant Timpson
Starring: Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie, Garfield Wilson
Runtime: 1 h 32 mins

What It Is: When Norval Greenwood (Wood) receives a letter from his estranged father he is more than happy to go visit him per his request. When he gets there his father Gordon (McHattie) is really not a fan of him. He, in fact, attempts to kill him. When Gordon has a heart attack during his attempted filicide he dies. Thus begins a mysterious experience. One where his father had some debts that have come due. Now he’s being chased by a maniac seeking restitution.

What We Think: I disliked this film…like a lot. Its story is really dumb Ant Timpson does a decent job of directing this. It’s just too bad none of the material is any good. Elijah Wood, who I like for the record is super irritating. Never during the duration of this do you like his character. That makes the end of this increasingly difficult. You don’t care what happens to him. In reality, you’d just prefer the whole thing were over. There isn’t much to consider when you watch this, outside of how stupid the feature you just witnessed was.

Our Grade: D+, So for sure this wasn’t my cup of tea. I at no point enjoyed this. Sure it’s weird but it’s not exciting weird or cool weird. It’s just…weird. More akin to Greener Grass with a bit more coherence. Either way, I was not a fan and I cannot recommend this. It’s not a bad film just a highly mediocre one that’s pretending it’s fresh and original but at its core, just a pile of stuff happening without any sort of rhyme or reason. Maybe a bit more cohesion amongst the story next time.

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