Review: Paddleton

Title: Paddleton
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Alex Lehmann
Starring: Mark Duplass, Ray Romano, Dendrie Taylor
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: Andy (Romano) and Michael (Duplass) are neighbors and friends. Their shared love for the made-up game Paddleton as well as old kung-fu movies as spared the friends along. When Michael makes the revelation that he has cancer and that it is going to lead to his imminent passing away he’s decided that he wants to go out on his terms. A road trip with his buddy after a trip to his doctor leads to the misfit pair trying to enjoy what will be their last days as friends.

What We Think: Let’s start with this. Ray Romano is incredible here. Mark Duplass has for years just brought his A-game to whatever he’s given and here working, once again, with Lehmann they just seem to get each other. Previously they worked on the incredible Blue Jay and again here they take a slightly off-kilter bunch of characters and just make it work. This is one that is simultaneously funny in its eccentricities and emotional it both the execution and storytelling. Intimate and small…this one was and is an utter surprise.

Our Grade: A-, Well well Netflix. It seems that perhaps you guys might actually have some films in your repertoire that are actually good. Perhaps it is the smaller scope or private nature of this one that assisted with this being actually good. There are little moments in this that will rip your heart out, or give you a chuckle. The straight up fact that it does that is so damned rare. I can for sure recommend that you check this one out. It is a fine film that upon viewing will stick with you for some time after you see it.

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