Review: Carmine Street Guitars

Title: Carmine Street Guitars
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Ron Mann
Starring: Rick Kelly, Cindy Hulej, Jim Jarmusch
Runtime: 1 hr 20 mins

What It Is: In the Greenwich Village neighborhood on the island of Manhattan in the beautiful city of New York there lay a small guitar shop owned by Rick Kelly (Kelly). As gentrification and a slowing economy creep in on what was once a bohemian paradise this shop has been steadfast as a gem in the middle of its neighborhood. Showing what a little handmade craftsmanship and a ton of resiliency can get you.

What We Think: This is a wonderful little documentary. Featuring some great musicians making great music on Kelly’s beautiful handmade pieces there’s an authenticity to everything. From Rick’s rather normal demeanor to his apprentice Cindy’s story on how exactly she went from art school to guitar crafting, all of it rings true. Having Jim Jarmusch show his enigmatic presence and tell a very cool story, and give us some music, was a real treat for me. I believe it’ll prove likewise for every other cinephile who happens upon this one. This might be my favorite documentary of the year thus far. Not what I expected going in, but a feeling I’m ecstatic to have coming out.

Our Grade: A-, Though it’ll prove difficult to find this is a film well worth seeking out. It’s only 80 minutes and it’s a well-told story. Ron Mann doesn’t have a difficult task here but he nonetheless performs it admirably. I am, and this is a truth, a terrible guitar player but after this, I wanted to head down to Manhattan and have Cindy and Rick make me a beautiful, playable piece of art. As I’ve said a years best and one that most audiences will find an easy and most importantly quick watch.

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