Review: Berlin, I Love You

Title: Berlin, I Love You
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Dianna Agron, Peter Chelsom
Starring: Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Luke Wilson
Runtime: 2 hr

What It Is: A chronicle of various romantic tales all taking place in and around the Garman capital of Berlin. The next of in the series also featuring Paris, je t’aime / New York, I Love You / Rio, Eu Te Amo. Ten stories told of couples in differing stages of the classic “meet cute”. From a busker seeking a companion to an old man who believes he’s found his daughter this is a love story with the least expected city. Truly an unexpected beauty in the title.

What We Think: Much like the other titles listed this is a terrible TERRIBLE film. It wastes its all-star cast with a script that dumbs down everything bad about the romantic comedy. All the disparaging things people say about the genre are evident here. In fact, they’re seen utilized as plot devices. Speaking from a direction standpoint this thing is edited like a nightmare and its direction is simply sloppy. Narratively its uninspired and truly a mess. I cannot think of anything of note that can redeem this film in the mind of this RomCom lover.

Our Grade: F, It’s functional. That much I can say. For the sin of wasting its fantastic cast and generally failing to be coherent, this film is one of the worst of the year and a complete and utter waste of time. Luke Wilson, Helen Mirren, and Kiera Knightley are all wasted and ruined by a cliched mess that does everything in its actual power to be awful. Don’t see this film. It’s not worth it. There are several HUNDRED other romantic comedies with which to spend your time. If you want a list please do reach out on Twitter or Instagram @FilmSnobReviews and I’d be happy to help.

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