Review: Aurora

Title: Aurora
Rating: Not Rated
Director: Miia Tervo
Starring: Mimosa Willamo, Amir Escandari, Oona Airola
Runtime: 1 hr 46 mins

What is it: Aurora, a commitment-phobic party animal, meets Iranian Darian one night at a small restaurant in Lapland. Darian is running from death and Aurora is running from love. They need each other in order to finally stop running.

What we think: A very interesting and complex yet charming story. Instead of a hero saving a damsel in distress this film chose to let the two main characters save each other but not before the woman takes the first step of saving herself from oblivion first. At first glance, Aurora may not be the type of character everyone loves or even likes. She is blunt, honest, outspoken, and a little reckless. Her character is the kind which eventually grows on you. She is someone who cares deeply about other people. Just like a lot of people, she wants to be loved but she is scared to let love in. An aspect of this film which is very admirable is that the story really takes the time to show the developing relationship between Aurora and Darian (her romantic interest). Yes, there are movies that attempt to show the developing relationship between a potential brewing romance. However, this film shows development in such a way that it seems more realistic than most films try to do. The development is also not just between both the main characters. It’s also shown amongst other character relationships as well. It’s more realistic and with realism comes more drama, more tension, more roadblocks. A lot of films attempt to show how love and relationships are “suppose” to blossom and form however one quality that many films lack is the inner demons, fears, and insecurities that can arise during this time. In regards to production value, the cinematography, lighting, sound, and production design were all very well done. There were times when I questioned the costume choices of Aurora mostly when we see her wearing skirts in snow. Aside from this, this film was enjoyable, to say the least.

Our grade: B, For sure this is a film which really highlights the ups and downs of striving to form a relationship with somebody, even when fear and insecurities get involved. Relationships, in general, take a lot of work but sometimes the hardest part is the first developing stages of romance. An interesting story with very intriguing characters overall.

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