Review: The Sharks (Los Tiburones)

Title: The Sharks (Los Tiburones)
Rating: Not Rated
Director: Lucia Garibaldi
Starring:  Romina Bentancur, Federico Morosini,
Runtime: 1 hr 20 mins

What is it: 14-year-old Rosina lives in a beach resort rumored to be plagued by sharks. Upon meeting the older Joselo, she feels a desire to bridge the distance between their bodies and begins to circle him, as if inspired by the mysterious animals.

What we thinkSlow, awkward, and at times disturbing. This film was not quite what was to be expected. The visual representation of what this movie is supposed to be about did not seem to match up to what the description claimed. Which may leave some audience members disappointed. The most successful aspects of the film were all part of the production. The cinematography, lighting, production design, and sound all worked very well in conjunction with one another. The main issue was with the acting and overall story. The characters lacked development, especially the characters Rosina and Joselo. It is clear that Rosina is supposed to be in an awkward phase of her life however I found her character to just be quiet, weird and in many ways unlikeable. There did not seem to be many expressions coming from her and she was rather boring to watch. Joselo appeared to be a man physically but he seemed to lack in dynamic. Both Rosina and Joselo were characters that were very stiff in terms of emotional and mental foundation. It was very difficult to care about either character when both characters lacked substance within their personalities. The chemistry between both actors was very uncomfortable to watch and there didn’t seem to be much progression with the overall story.

Our grade: D, I was expecting more than what I was given and this movie really disappointing. The description made this movie seem more interesting than it actually was. Had the story and characters been developed more, this would have been a much better and far more interesting film.

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