Review: Emma Peeters

Title: Emma Peeters
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Nicole Palo
Starring: Monia Chokri, Andréa Ferréol, Fabrice Adde
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: Emma (Chokri) is an actress on the verge of her 35th birthday. This, to her, effectively ends her struggling career. With that Emily has decided it’s time to end her life. She meets a funeral director named Alex (Adde) with whom she’s going to use to assure all her affairs are in order. Though it seems everything else is going well. This lack of success has left Emma in a bad situation. But will she actually go through with it?

What We Think: This film is a surprisingly funny one. When I first saw the film all I could think was…wow this is actually funny. Monia Chokri is pitch perfect in her role. It’s a quick watch at only 90 mins and I think that works to the film’s advantage. There’s a real story told here. This goes after the stigma of woman over 35 in Hollywood and show business in general. At its core, there’s also a heart to it all. In an ironic sense more than anything. All the performances are simply lovely. Chokri chief among them.

Our Grade: B-, Clearly a film I enjoyed its a delightful French pastry of a film with of course a cream cheese topping that kicks it. I can recommend this one for sure. It is a comedy that’s actually quite funny. This is such a rarity. Often times a “comedy” doesn’t make me laugh and in fact, has an adverse effect on me. This is one that’ll prove difficult to find for the regular audience. IF you do find it you’ll find a sweet, endearing slice of life (and death) that’ll surely stick with you. Also, some of our best actresses are definitely older than 35. So there’s that myth…BUSTED!

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