Review: Wild Kids

Title: Wild Kids
Rating: NR
Director: Tal Pesses
Starring: Zalman Mark Shapiro, Aharon Engel, Max Epstein
Runtime: 52 mins

What It Is: In an old Jerusalem bunker thrives a little animation studio operated by Max, the studio guardian, and the children of Russian immigrants. This documentary follows two young animators, Zalman and Aharon, as they go forward with their films and enter a new stage in their lives. Aharon looks to find the right angle for his story before exhibition while Zalman, his eighteenth birthday approaching, decides what the next step going into his adult life will be.

What We Think: Frankly, I thought this documentary (short but sweet, for a feature) was rather fantastic. Personally, a subject that reminds me of my own artistic developments and struggles growing up, it’s a lively and an articulate spotlight on the strength of creative intelligence and the importance of expression, especially in our days of youth. The subjects are intriguing as well as honest; smart and continuously entertaining to watch. It’s a quiet yet exciting revelation as we look into these adolescences’ lives and processes, full of angst and imagination and potential. We get to see them develop and grow in small and/or landmark ways while making their stop-motion-animation art pieces (which in their own right equal the entertainment received by watching the artists work).

Our Grade: B+, It’s moody, smart, stylish, and personal. It’s a definite recommend for the artist inside all of us, as the talent in this film are wildly inspirational. An enthralling showcase and a reminder that the art of story can come from anywhere, this film is such a breath of fresh air (despite taking place in a bunker). Oh, the irony!

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