TV Review: Delivery Girl (2019 Sundance Film Festival)

Title: Delivery Girl
Network: Unknown
Episode Total: Unknown
Starring: Joe Holt, Adam LeFevre, Liz Larsen

What It Is: Trisha Donahue (Krieger) lives in a town where everyone goes to church and knows each other’s names. She’s faced with a dilemma when her fondness for Sammy Mahoney, Garrett Davies’s girlfriend, grows as they continue their romantic relationship in secret. Afterward, she faces an altercation that forces her to reflect on her decision to stifle and lie about her sexuality.

What We Think: Overall, a very enjoyable pilot. The writing is fun and humorous and loose, cushioning the characters with smart and witty dialogue. The energy between the actors is great (particularly between leads Kriger and Holt) as they play off of each other, even in little moments. Kriger is brilliant as our main character (as well as director) as she portrays Trisha with dignity, intelligence, and quip. The editing is sharp and mise en scene overall effectively atmospheric and kinda moody. 

Our Grade: B, It’s a little difficult to see where this series is going to go and if the endeavor will be as interesting, but this pilot definitely proves a larger potential. Well-crafted and genuine. Certainly, one to see!

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