Review: Two Times You (Dos Veces Tú)

Title: Two Times You (Dos Veces Tú)
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Salomón Askenazi
Starring: Melissa Barrera, Anahí Dávila, Daniel Adissi
Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins

What It Is: Daniela (Barrera) and Tania (Dávila) are friends. When they decide at a wedding that they’re going to play a prank and switch husbands the night takes a turn. As they’re leaving, clearly inebriated. There’s an accident that leads to the deaths of one of the now jumbled pairs. This leads to the remaining couple having to deal with the grief of losing their husband and wife. How will they handle it?

What We Think: Director Salomón Askenazi (shoutout to him!) makes some absolutely nutty decisions with the script (which he wrote) and most of that works to a spectacular degree. All of the performances are solid but for me, Anahí Dávila shines. She’s able to convey great sadness and an almost creepy sense to Tania. It’s a unique spin on the narrative structure. If you’re not keen or not giving the film your full attention you WILL lose the story. That is the biggest thing to take away on the flip side. A film that does something different such as this is worth its weight in gold. When you look at what Ashkenazi has done here it’s a truly interesting experience. Additionally, I’d like to add that I LOVE the exploration of the Jewish faith in Mexican culture it isn’t something touched on in general, look at Disobedience but certainly not in a country that is predominantly Catholic.

Our Grade: B, Once it settles in the film CAN be confusing. What you’ll be in store for is a film that is simply well directed and a story written well enough. Its obvious Askenazi has skill…he’d need to to get this done. I can recommend this. I really liked the soundtrack choices. I think that’s another thing that won’t be spoken about enough. Overall this is one you should seek out regardless if you’re interested in what the story is. Here how its told carries a ton of weight.

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