Review: Light From Light (2019 Sundance Film Festival)

Title: Light From Light
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Paul Harrill
Starring: Marin Ireland, Jim Gaffigan, Josh Wiggins
Runtime: 1 hr 22 mins

What It Is: Single mother and former part-time paranormal investigator (and current rent a car agent) Shelia goes on the radio to speak on her experiences. When a priest is listening in he invites her to look into a case he’s been familiarized with. This case is from widower Richard (Gaffigan) who believes his home may be haunted by the spirit of his wife. With the help of her son Owen (Wiggins) and his friend Lucy (Atheena Frizzell), they’ll see what they find.

What We Think: This is a spin on the paranormal film that you really don’t ever see. Instead of some sort of horror film, this is a drama. One about love and loss. Gaffigan gives a great performance but the material and direction let him down. I was not familiar with Marin Ireland’s previous work but she puts in a good turn here. The downfall of this film lies solely with Paul Harrill. The pacing seemed off and overall it’s a slog at less than 90 mins. That’s a difficult task and for some reason, disappointingly, this film did it.

Our Grade: C, I went in and really wanted to like this more but it felt like I was in the theater for 4 hours. Nothing of much interest happens and when you think it will it didn’t. These actors giving those performances deserve a little more then they got. King Baby deserves more than this quite frankly. Regardless I can give a slight recommendation only for the fact that it takes one of its genres, in this case, paranormal films, and does something different. Even if what it does is all a bit too safe, bland and wholly uninteresting.

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