Review: Ashes in the Snow

Title: Ashes in the Snow
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Marius A. Markevicius
Starring: Bel Powley, Peter Franzén, Sophie Cookson
Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins

What It Is: Lina (Powley) is a talented artist living in post-WWII Lithuania. As the Soviets try to recover what they lost to Germany they’re misdeeds and horrors manifests itself in this small country. Stolen from her home along with her mother and brother her only goal is to assure she can get home to her Papa. As they struggle through the harsh conditions and terrible treatment perhaps not every soldier in the Soviet ranks feels the need to kill, rape and torture. Ukrainian Commander Komarov (Franzén) seems to have some compassion particularly towards Lina’s mother Ona (Cookson).

What We Think: This entire film is a mess. Based on a book I think that there is way too much to the story to really be encapsulated within the rather short run time. I think that there are a plethora of issues here. The narrative is stalled and boring. Everything moves at a snail’s pace. Bel Powley is an extremely talented actress but her decision-making leaves a TON to be desired. For every Diary of a Teenage Girl, we get this. It’s a puzzling thing these decisions.

Our Grade: D, Go right on ahead and skip this. Let’s get this out of the way now. This isn’t a good film in the least bit. Bel Powley does what she can and sadly she isn’t the issue she’s just let down by the crap material. Honestly there’s so many World War II movies and most (rightfully so) paint the Germans as the ultimate villains. Many tend to forget the U.S.S.R’s role post-WWII as the villains that shaped the Cold War. This sheds a light on that and that’s a welcomed tale.

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